Have you ever tried to envision a space which would tell the story of your brand? Imagine a place where your people are warmly welcomed from the moment they set foot in the door, where they feel at home doing business and your uniquely created brand shines through. In today’s media-saturated world, time spent with people is a precious commodity. Most organizations throw away the chance to shape the experience of their people through carefully designed experiences which build trust and inspire action.

This is one of the secrets of highly successful organizations: they have laid out a red carpet for your time with them, and they aim to be memorable and impact your life. Your organization can do the same by designing experiences for every person who interacts with you, whether you are physically there or not.

Remember that the chance to interact with our customers, our employees, our volunteers and our members in person is sacred. The small bits of time spent face-to-face are now our most precious resource, and we should work to max out those tiny fragments of time into a meaningful relationship which will grow over the long-haul.

Work spaces, worship spaces, outdoor spaces, break spaces, musical spaces, meeting spaces, church spaces, spaces to eat and spaces to solve hard problems…they are all ripe with potential to grow your organization by shaping the way that people interact, and for how long. You can determine how your customers will feel before they ever arrive. You can shape the way that your volunteers work before you even have your first volunteer list. Whether you are a business owner, a facilities director, a minister, an executive director, or even a loyal volunteer…you know your culture, your people and your strengths better than anyone, and you know best the results that you want to achieve.

PlanNorth’s team of architects are devoted to thinking through the hard problems, asking the questions which will get you to tell the real story of your brand. We are obsessed with the details of how people move through life and through your business or church. Our architects are experts at translating your story into the built environment. PlanNorth buildings grow companies by creating frameworks for the most authentic of stories to take place, all rooted in your original vision.

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churchbuildingguidePastors, elders, and leaders beginning the process of renovation or construction are faced with the questions of where to begin, when to hire professionals, and how to successfully oversee the many details of their building project.In Church Building, PlanNorth Principal Architect Katie Burch draws from extensive industry experience to give church executives the tools and knowledge to successfully lead their church’s renovation or new building construction from beginning to end. For more information check out

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