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PlanNorth is an architectural company and group of business, nonprofit, and church builders with a passion for designing places of worship and nonprofits, as well as developing “Brand Architecture” for businesses. We have made it our mission to specialize in the planning, design, and construction of churches, nonprofits and business architecture. We are obsessed with delivering a product that is the absolute best version of what you need…and not one thing more or less. Our business, non-profit, and church builders are ready to help you today!

In short- we like to help people grow their unique causes through the use of buildings and architectural services. Our cause-centered architectural services are at the center of everything we do, and we are here to help your dreams flourish by helped you design, build, and realize a building that perfectly suits your specific needs. We aim to share what we know and provide solutions to growing your cause in order to fulfill our promise that “your design will be right for you.” With decades of combined experience as church builders and commercial architects for nonprofits and businesses alike, PlanNorth is here to help your dreams become a reality.

Katie Burch originally established the company as Burch Group Architects in 2010. Four years later, the team relocated to downtown Brenham and changed the name to PlanNorth Architectural Company. Composed of Architects, Interior Designers, Accessibility Specialists, and LEED accredited team members, PlanNorth offers unique solutions and special architecture from a diverse group of backgrounds and generations





churchbuildingguidePastors, elders, and leaders beginning the process of renovation or construction are faced with the questions of where to begin, when to hire professionals, and how to successfully oversee the many details of their building project.

In Church Building, PlanNorth Principal Architect Katie Burch draws from extensive industry experience to give church executives the tools and knowledge to successfully lead their church’s renovation or new building construction from beginning to end. For more information check out

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