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Is your church growing?

Since 2014, PlanNorth has been passionately devoted to church building and designing places of worship across the state of Texas, allowing congregations to have a building that perfectly suits their unique needs and desires. With decades of collaborative experience in church master planning, the team at PlanNorth is dedicated to providing our expertise to you, guiding you through the entirety of the process. From identifying the best possible piece of property for the project to helping you come up with the important numbers you need to finally crafting 3D images of your dream space… No matter the size of your project, PlanNorth is the best in architects and building companies, becoming your partner from beginning to end in the church building process.

No matter what mission or cause your building is for, every ministry has a shared mission and vision. So why do so many church builders treat every project the same, giving a “one-size-fits-all” approach? At PlanNorth, we treat every project as if it were our own. We believe that your place of worship should be tailored to you, customized around the mission of your congregation and helping you fulfill that calling. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to being a partner in the process, not the boss. We’ll listen intently to your needs, your vision, and your mission before pencil ever hits paper, ensuring that our church building team only designs what you need from us, instead of what we believe you want. Our church master planning staff will then be your guiding hand throughout the process, helping you understand the best practices, building methods, land choice, and more than will not only save you money, but help your dreams become a reality.

Let us help you create the perfect facility for your needs. See why we are among the best architects and  building companies in Texas by exploring some of our previous work in the gallery below, and contact our team today with any questions you may have. From designers to planners to contractors… whatever question you have, we’ll find someone with the answer you need. Contact our church building team today!