Have you visited other organizations and wondered why their following was just more dedicated than yours?  Their employees were happier, their members were more motivated to volunteer, or their customers seemed to flood in, all with smiles on their faces?  You might have made notes of cool ideas and try to implement them in your own way.  Later you scratch your head and wonder why it didn’t really seem to make a difference.

Discover how to tell your own authentic brand story through the built environment.  The very first thing to know is that your story is only your story, and it is truly unique.  Here lies the reason that the “cool ideas” didn’t quite have the bang when you try them at your own space as their did in their original environment.  Likely, those “cool ideas” were working together to tell that other business’s story to its users…and your space can do the same.  Cool ideas are fun, but they do not change the culture of businesses, and they do not deepen relationships or bring in new families for worship.

Here’s what we know for sure:

  • If it’s truly authentic, each and every brand will be completely unique and tell only one accurate story
  • There are no “canned solutions”, only rules of thumb. Just like growing a business into a culture and a culture into a brand is hard work…translating your brand into the built environment can feel like an insurmountable task.  The payoff is priceless.
  • Economical solutions are of paramount importance. Dreaming big comes first, and creating a reasonable budget makes the dream happen.  One can never happen without the other.

At PlanNorth, our architects work strictly on brands: businesses, churches, nonprofits…places where people interact and must rely on each other.  Sometimes that’s a beautiful office space or a vibrant sanctuary, and sometimes it’s a shop behind a tractor dealership or a commercial kitchen making tacos 24/7.  Every day, our architects sharpen their skills on translating brands into buildings.  We are always ready to create a unique place for that next special story to shine through.