Business / Non-Profit Designs

At PlanNorth, a leading company in cutting edge design build services in Texas, we help our clients design and build buildings, spaces, and facilities that are as unique as the brands they represent. By being dedicated to not just the business of architecture but the practice of it, we are best able to bring your unique creations to life, taking a concept and transforming it into a reality. With decades of combined experience as commercial architects in Texas, our team can take your project, no matter the scope or size, and provide only the highest quality solutions that are always affordable.

Every project is unique, and all projects are driven by this fact. No blanket solutions here… At PlanNorth, our design build services have helped dozens of organizations by first taking the time at the onset to understand your brand, your mission, and functional requirements. Before we can draw, we’ve got to fully understand the way your team works! Only after we have a clear understanding do we begin our work, performing everything from 3D illustration creation to assistance with land acquisition. We’ll hammer out all possible issues before they ever occur, creating a tailored solution that perfectly fits your needs within budget, finding solutions to issues before they ever come up. With years of experience providing design build services within the Texas area, our team of experts have the advanced knowledge and real-life know how to help your dream facility come to life, all while providing full transparency every step of the way.

No matter the unique needs of your project, PlanNorth can conquer the challenges and help you design a facility that perfectly personifies your unique brand. With unique solutions, cost-saving practices, and long-lasting results, PlanNorth is your team of commercial architects, a partner in the process from beginning to end. Browse some of our earlier work below, and contact our team to learn how we can best bring your dream to life. Let our design build services help your brand today!