5 Discussion Topics Surrounding Placemaking: Becoming a Place People Remember and Long to Be

Placemaking is the concept of using shared amenities to increase social relationships by creating some strong ties to identity of the place. Placemaking embodies being intentional with your efforts. For ...
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NEEDS VS. WANTS: A Bird’s Eye View of How Architectural Programming Works

Finally, you can figure out how this building will work! Work is the operative word here, because when it comes to your building, every space needs to be able to ...
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5 Spaces to Thoughtfully Consider When Designing a Church

CHILDREN’S SECURITY We live in different world than our parents did. Luckily, very simple and economical efforts can provide lots of safety for the kids! It’s common in mid – ...
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You’re Looking for Land: Tips to Get You Going!

First, simply put your nose to the ground. This is free, and often takes you far!  Start getting a feel for the pulse of your target area as it pertains ...
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Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors: A Simple Explanation of Who Does What in a Commercial Building Project

So you have a project to handle, and need to hire some help.  Who are these people, and what do they do? When should they be involved, and at what ...
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